Court Etiquette in Syariah Court

Court Etiquette in Syariah Court


Please wear appropriate attire when visiting Syariah Court. Examples of appropriate attire include smart casual wear, office wear and traditional dress (please see illustrations below).


If you are dressed in inappropriate attire, you may not be allowed entry into the Court.

NO T-shirts
NO spaghetti-strap blouses/ tube tops/ sleeveless shirts
NO shorts/ bermudas
NO short skirts/ short dresses
NO slippers/ sandals

unacceptable clothings


Please be respectful of our staff. We will not hesitate to take action against anyone who abuses our staff.

Photography or video recording

It is an offence to use any recording devices in the Court. We have the right to request that you delete any unauthorised recordings.

Food and drinks

Do not eat or drink in the courtroom. If you would like to have some refreshments, please visit the eateries nearby.

Etiquette during Court sessions

Please note the following:

  • Turn off all electronic and mobile devices before entering the courtroom;
  • Silence must be observed at all times during the Court session;
  • If you are asked to answer questions or address the Court, please do so clearly and calmly;
  • When entering or leaving a Court in session, it is customary to bow towards the President or Registrar of the Court; and
  • If the President or Registrar of the Court leaves, please rise from your seat.