1. The matter set out in this Circular is a modification of Registrar’s Circular No 12 of 2020 as it relates to the mode of remote communication technology approved for use for Pre-Trial Conferences (“PTC”), and extends the application of that Circular to other types of Court hearings.


Use of Webex as the approved remote communication technology


2. Solicitors are generally permitted to use Webex (and no other form of remote communication technology, unless the Court otherwise notifies) to mention any matter in Syariah Court (including appeals, trials, applications (interlocutory or otherwise), PTC and mediation) scheduled for hearing.


Conduct of proceedings via remote communication technology


3. For PTC, no request needs to be made to the Court Registry in advance. However, a solicitor who intends to mention a case via Webex must inform the Court officer in the Registrar’s Chambers of his or her intention and readiness to be called not later than 30 minutes before the appointed time for PTC in the manner specified in paragraph 2(e) of Registrar’s Circular No 12 of 2020.


4. For other matters, a solicitor who wishes to mention a case via Webex must, unless the Court has given prior permission or directions on the conduct of proceedings via remote communication technology, submit a request to the Court Registry not less than 14 working days before the date of the hearing. If permission is not granted, the solicitor must ensure that he and his client (if applicable) is/are in attendance in Court.


5. With regard to trials (hearings of divorce applications), a solicitor may indicate in the request if he or she wishes to ask the Court for permission to dispense with the attendance of his or her client, witness or any other person at the hearing (where prior permission or directions has not been given). If permission is not granted, the Court will give further directions as appropriate.


6. The request must be in the form set out in the Annex to this Circular and sent via email at with the subject header “Request to mention case via remote means:” followed by the case reference number.




7. Court users and members of the public who wish to seek clarification on this matter may call 63548371 or email For general information on court processes and procedures, they may visit our website at