Visitor Advisory

Seats at the public waiting area have been marked out in view of the evolving COVID-19 situation. Please use the seats that are not marked with a red tape while waiting for your queue number to be called.

We will continue to serve those who are scheduled to attend Court sessions, or wish to carry out transactions at the Court Registry. If you are scheduled to attend a Court session, please come at the appointed time. If you wish to carry out a transaction at the Court Registry, please be ready with all required documents and information. This is to reduce unnecessary waiting at the public waiting area. If you are accompanying the Court user, we seek your understanding to wait outside the Court's premises.

We urge all Court users to be socially responsible, maintain good personal hygiene, and follow advisories issued by Ministry of Health ( All Court users who feel unwell are advised to see a doctor immdiately.

For enquiries on the above, please all 63548371 or email us at