We Bring You Convenience and Security in the new Syariah Court Portal

We Bring You Convenience and Security in the new Syariah Court Portal

Syariah Court is pleased to present a new portal with enhanced features for a smooth and user-friendly experience. The top 7 benefits include:

  1. Secure Login via SingPass and CorpPass

    Instead of using multiple login IDs, public users may now make online applications with their Singapore Personal Access (SingPass) for individuals, while corporate users may use their Singapore Corporate Access (CorpPass).

    Foreign individuals who do not have SingPass or CorpPass accounts may apply for and use SYCPass to login to the Syariah Court Portal.

  2. Personalised Dashboards

    Each applicant will have a personalised dashboard that displays an overview and live updates of their online applications.

  3. Convenient Inheritance Certificate Application Process

    Personal particulars will be pre-populated from MyInfo into Inheritance Certificate application forms for individuals who login using SingPass.

  4. Guaranteed Authenticity of Inheritance Certificate via nSign and nSeal

    The general public may verify the authenticity of Inheritance Certificates through the digital signature (nSign) and QR Code (nSeal) on the new certificate.

  5. Online Payment

    Applicants may make online payments (e-payment) via PayNow and eNets. All e-payments will be automatically detected and reflected in the applicant’s personalised dashboards.

  6. Real-time Updates

    Upon successful payment, applicants will receive a pdf copy of the Inheritance Certificate in their dashboards for download.

  7. Single Point of Reference

    Applicants will receive all communications and updates on their applications through the new Syariah Court Portal.

For any queries, please contact our hotline at 6354 8371 or e-mail us at